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welcome to nova int'l college


Nova International  College is the outcome of the needs and desires expressed by many parents from different corners of the Nepalese society to get professional and practical courses in higher to cope with the emerging situations of globalization and liberalization of the economic sectors. Nova International  College  is designed to devote to the total development of an individual  as well as to create a learning environment  that promotes and enhances  a person’s   potential to succeed in his/her personal and professional life of the changing situation in the country and abroad.

The college is  located at  Minbhawan, Newbaneshwor in  the  heart of  Kathmandu city. It  aims to  earn worldwide fame for educational excellence through its commitment to personalized instruction, quality research and thriving community involvement.

Presently, it is conducting  Bachelor  of Business Administration  (BBA) and Master of Business


Message from Our Members

executive Dear Prospective Students International American University (IAU) is  proud to  have an  established  partnership   with Nova International  College (NOVA) that is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Nepal Since 2008. IAU’s vision  is to be a competitive   global university  through strategic partnerships with schools, such as Nova,  IAU strives to provide NOVA’s students with academic programs through a blended style of delivery that will allow flexibility and affordability. Courses designed by IAU’s faculty embody the best practices of an American  business education.  Thereadmore

Executive Director (IAU)
Ryan Doan, MBA,

chairman2 Dear Parents and Students, I take this opportunity as a privilege  to introduce this institution  along with its mission. Today’s world is the world of technology irrespective of any area whether it be liberal Arts, Science, Management,  Education,  Professional vocational, Technical etc. Nova International  College, being an institution  of professional Education, specifically a college of management, of course, requires a significant share of IT knowledge. Now a days management  education  has a wider scope and indeed managerial skill is indispensable everywhere  to boost any sector, howevreadmore

Prof. Dr. Siddhi Prasad Koirala

managingdirector Dear students, It gives  me an immense  pleasure  to welcome you at Nova International College, affiliated  to  International American University (IAU)  Los  Angeles, California. Nova  International College is   a   reputed  academic institution and synonymous of the academic excellence due to its academic  policy that reconciles theoretical and practical knowledge simultaneously. To impart global qualitative  education,  it  organizes  field visit, industrial visit, presentation and assignment  and so on. We are very much conscious to explore the hidden potentiality of each student readmore

Managing Director
Mr. Yam Bahadur Karki

principal In this advanced  age of globalization and liberalization, everyone has  to  own rigorous quality within. The students at Nova International College learn the sense of completion that shapes  not only their successful managerial careers but prepares them to lead successful life. We are well known that numbers of students are going abroad for quality education and millions of rupees are drained with it. Now, there is no reason to go abroad. The students  can own graduation  and MBA degree of  International American University, Los Angeles, California in Nepal. Having the feeling of nationality,readmore

Mr. Hari Kumar Karki

Our Affiliation